Kinesiology Therapeutic Tape Precut Roll | Recovery Sports Athletic Physio Therapy Injury Support

Do you have a sprain in ankle or a torn tissue in your elbow? If yes,
then Kinesiology Therapeutic Tape is here to rescue you from all your
worries! These strips aid in fixing broken ligaments and tendons to help
you recover from your aches and injuries. Made out of 95% cotton and
a high grade breathable material, this therapeutic tape has been
customized for providing maximum comfort to your injuries and help
you heal faster.

The special muscle fix therapy that this tape uses,
allows for stretching your skin upwards for improved circulation of
blood. Not only that you will notice effective reduction in muscle and
tendon aches after using this therapeutic tape. This cotton tape mesh
is comfortable for wearing for days and it doesn’t even cause irritation
to the skin. You can always rely on this tape as it doesn’t lose in
adhesiveness due to moisture, water or sweat. This tape is also resistant
to heat and humidity, allowing you to wear it for around three to five
days without having to change it. This kinesiology tape provides the
necessary support for all kinds of athletic sports and eases your pains.
You will surely get amazed by the outstanding results of this
therapeutic tape when you start using it!

Spartan Tape Kinesiology Tape Perfect Support for Athletic Sports

Proving you perfect support for all kinds of athletic sports and aiding
you in speeding up your recovery, this Spartan tape is one-in-all
solution for your athletic routine. It eases your pains and helps you heal
injuries by its special formula that makes increased kinesio blood
circulation possible. Moreover, this tape is extremely heavy duty and
is reliable for wearing while you play any kind of sport. It doesn’t come
off easily and provides necessary support for your body. You won’t
feel any pain while you have this Spartan tape on. It will not only
reduce inflammation of your wounds but will also promote quick

You can stretch and flex your body the way you like when
you have this extremely reliable Spartan tape on. It is long lasting for
daily use and gives that gentle support therapy that will help you heal
faster. It provides support to your aching muscles and helps them get
back in their normal shape. Moreover, this tape flexes with your
muscles and accelerates your performance in sports performance.
One of the best features of this tape is that it doesn’t get damaged
by coming in contact with water. You can even take a dip and swim
in water with this tape on. It doesn’t come off during workouts and
gym sessions that promote heavy sweating. This tape has been
specially designed to be friendly to skin as it is hypoallergenic and
latex free. Perfectly tailored for athletes, this tape will surely prove to
be long lasting!

4Pcs Pet Bandage Cohesive Bandage Self Adhering Stick Bandage, Multi-function Non-woven Fabric Elasticity Gauze Rolls Self Adhering Stick Bandage Wrap Vet Tape for Pet Animals

If you are looking for a self-adhesive and non-stick bandage set
then this super-elastic and removable bandage is going to assist
you in handling your pet’s injuries in daily life. This bandage has a
sturdy material that doesn’t get worn out by harsh weather or
moisture. Moreover, one of the best features of this self-adhering
pet bandage is that it gets adhered to the pet’s skin and hair
without any effort and doesn’t come off too easily. With a
perfectly balanced elastic ratio and an easily adjustable beam
tight force, this bandage can be easily used for comforting your
pet and soothing his injuries. It doesn’t need any knife or scissors to
be cut and used.

You can rip this bandage off for use by using
your hands and adhere it anywhere. With a phenomenal
telescopic effect, this bandage feels super comfortable to the skin
and creates a great ventilation thus letting the animal’s skin
breathe. This high quality and strong adhesive pet bandage
creates a strong seal on your pet’s skin. You don’t have to worry
regarding moisture or heat damaging this self-adhesive pet
bandage. Specially designed to be used for your pets, this
bandage creates a lot of ease when dealing with pet/animal