Craft Multi Colored Masking Tape [11 Pack Variety Set – Assorted Color Coded Rolls]

Designed especially for all age groups, these fun and vibrant colored masking tapes are surely going to make your arts and crafts better. These assorted pack of coded rolls are going to assist you in your fun and creative DIY projects. Whether you are working on quilting or origami, these masking tape are great for your crafts and are going to add color to anything you are planning to make. The fact that these
masking tapes come in even neon colors is going to make you absolutely love this masking tape set!

If you are working on a hula hoop project then this rainbow colored masking tape set is going to be perfect for your use. You can also use these attractive tapes for labelling your kitchen items, for packing gifts or for your office use. The best thing about this tape is that it leaves no residue. This super adhesive masking tape comes in eye-popping colors and therefore, can be used by kids for many purposes like decorating gift boxes for a birthday party. You can surely use this tape to form different artistic designs. These masking tapes are multi colored and come in all kinds of colors. Don’t miss out on buying these!

ARTIT Washi Tape Set 16 Extra Long (33 Foot) Decorative Rolls Craft Duct Masking Tapes Scrapbooking DIY Gift-Wrapping

If you are looking for vibrant colored and attractive washi tapes, then this set of 16 diverse washi tapes by ARTIT is going to be absolutely loved by you! Perfect to be used in arts and crafts, this super adhesive washi tape comes in eye-popping colors and glitter patterns that are perfect for designing cards or making scrapbook borders. These washi tapes can be used by kids for many purposes like making their daily planner or journal more colorful. You can even use this washi tape for decorating gift boxes or packing gift boxes in an artistic manner.

The best feature of this washi tape set is that this Artit™ classic multi jumbo pack is not too small. It is huge and can be used for a long time. Moreover, this set of washi tapes comes in a ready-made box that can be used as an organizer as well. Moreover, this washi tape provides you variety in the form of diverse artistic designs. These washi tapes are multi colored and come in different patterns. Whether you love strips or adore the metallic touch, these washi tapes come in all kinds of colors and designs. You will surely get amazed by the outstanding patterns and designs of this washi tape set!

3M 2090-24EVP. .94 in. x 60 yd. Scotch Blue Painters Tape Value Pack

ScotchBlueTM Painter’s Tape provides a perfect support for all kinds of painting activities and is one-in-all solution for your painting needs. Being one of the bestselling painter tapes in US, this blue painter’s tape is going to be a source of great ease for you in your DIY painting projects. Being easy to peel off from walls, wooden surfaces, metals and glass; this scotchblue painter’s tape is indeed a reliable tape. You will get a smooth finish on all the walls and furniture that you wish to tape. This painter’s tape is made out of superior quality acrylic and comes with a phenomenal performance.

One of the best features of this tape is that it doesn’t get damaged by coming in contact with water. It is also resistant to harsh weather and heat. Being safe for all kinds of surfaces, this tape has been specially designed for your painting needs. This tape is surely to prove its quality through its strength and quality. You can use it for a variety of purposes like hanging posters and joining two metals together. However, if you are planning to paint your room, this painter’s tape is going to give a sleek and neat finish to the walls you paint. Perfectly tailored for your painting projects, this tape will surely worth a buy and is going to be long lasting!

ScotchBlue Painter’s Tape, Multi-Use, 1.88-Inch by 60-Yard, 1 Roll

If you are planning to paint your apartment yourself and also desire a
smooth finish for your walls, then this ScotchBlue painter’s tape is the
perfect tape you can utilize for this purpose. Having a super hold and
gripping the walls strongly, this Made in USA painter’s tape is going to
impress you with its performance. It doesn’t damage or peels the
surface/wall it is adhered to. You can also use this tape for a plethora
of jobs like painting the window frames and tables. This painter’s tape
prevents the paint from ruining the carpet, glass or wood furniture
while allowing you to paint such surfaces with great ease.

You can now unleash the painter inside you without any fear as this tape will let you make sharp paint lines just like a professional home painter. The best thing about this tape is that it produces a very fine finish while you paint the walls or furniture. It also doesn’t leave any residue on the surface it is adhered to. This multi-purpose tape can be used to protect different materials like walls, glass and metal. You will surely get amazed by the outstanding results of this painter’s tape when you start using it!

Crime Scene Do Not Cross Barricade Tape 3 X 100 • Bright Yellow with a bold Black Print for High Visibility

If you are looking for a striking yellow and visible crime scene barricade tape then this crime scene do not cross tape is going to serve the purpose well. Being tear resistant and weather resistant, this barricade tape is going to make the hazardous or crime area visible to everyone even at a great distance. This barricade tape is going to give you the best value for money. The Tapix™ Crime Scene Do Not Cross Barricade tape is made out of high quality polyethylene which is going to withstand heat and tough wind conditions. Moreover, this crime scene barricade tape also plays a pivotal role in highlighting the safety measures for the citizens and passers-bys.

If some inoperative machinery is present on a roadside or construction site that can cause an accident, this tape can be used for labelling such equipment. Another feature that makes this barricade tape useful is that it doesn’t lose its adhesiveness due to rain. You can use this tape on construction sites and road works without worrying. You can totally rely on this tape while labelling the potentially dangerous areas. Moreover, it doesn’t get torn easily. It is also easy to use and unrolls quickly. You can put this barricade tape easily on posts and trees without any hassle. This Tapix™ barricade tape speaks of its high quality through its phenomenal performance and service

3M Transpore Clear 1-Inch Wide First Aid Tape, 10-Yard Roll (2 Rolls)

If you are in hunt of a heavy duty medical duct tape that will hold the dressings and bandages tightly onto your wounds, then this clear and wide first aid tape by Transpore is going to be a blessing for you! Being easy to use and coming with a bidirectional tear, this first aid tape can even hold thick gauze pads on your wounds without letting them come off for days. This first aid tape has an excellent grip and can be even used for a large variety of purposes.

The Transpore first aid tape is going to stay on your skin no matter what the external conditions are. It is water resistant and has a great adhesion to skin. This first aid tape has been in excessive use by clinicians and doctors who have to secure and tape different dressings and devices daily. The best feature about this first aid tape is that it is friendly to skin and is hypoallergenic. This high quality first aid tape will surely save you the trouble
if you accidently get injured during hiking. This versatile tape can be even used for securing other accessories, wooden and metallic parts together. This multi-purpose tape is surely worth a buy!

OK TAPE Pro Kinesiology Tape Roll Provide Pain Relief Muscle Sports Athletic Tape Waterproof Non-latex Tape

Are you looking for a latex free kinesiology tape that has been specially designed to provide you relief from all kinds of muscle pain? If yes, then OK Tape Pro kinesiology tape roll is the thing you need instantly in your life. This tape is going to fix all your worries and pains, as it has been customized to make your muscles get back in shape. It will flex your muscles to the fullest and will be a great solution for taut and uptight muscles that you’re unable to move normally while exercising.

This tape has also been specialized for giving you relief from tendon ache and enhances your neuromuscular feedback. This tape will improve the firing of your muscles and will make your body more flexible than ever! This sturdy and robust tape has surely been designed to fall up to your expectations and will not come off during heavy exercise or yoga. You can flex your body the way you want without the fear of ripping this tape off. Try this kinesiology tape for improved athletic performance

Bandaid First Aid 1/2 in X 10 yd Waterproof Tape

Do you need a high quality and strong bandaid tape for securing your dressings on wound? If yes, then this Bandaid tape acts as an adhesive on your bandages and keeps the wound site protected from any contamination. This secure bandaid acts as a shield between your wound and the external environment. It prevents germs and dust from entering the wounds. Not only that, this bandaid is the mandatory part of your first aid box as it has been made to resist all kinds of wear and tear.

Whether it’s the harsh weather or water, this bandaid doesn’t get peeled off easily. Moreover, this heavy duty bandaid tape resists extremely hot and wet climate. It is phenomenal in its working and protects your bandages and dressings from any kind of physical damage. This bandaid tape is also waterproof as it is resistant to water and doesn’t let any moisture or wet surroundings affect its adhesiveness. It is also very easy to use as it comes in the form of a roll. Creating an adhesive seal on your wound dressings and bandages, this sturdy and strong bandaid tape is a must-have for your first aid box!

Kinesiology Therapeutic Tape Precut Roll | Recovery Sports Athletic Physio Therapy Injury Support

Do you have a sprain in ankle or a torn tissue in your elbow? If yes,
then Kinesiology Therapeutic Tape is here to rescue you from all your
worries! These strips aid in fixing broken ligaments and tendons to help
you recover from your aches and injuries. Made out of 95% cotton and
a high grade breathable material, this therapeutic tape has been
customized for providing maximum comfort to your injuries and help
you heal faster.

The special muscle fix therapy that this tape uses,
allows for stretching your skin upwards for improved circulation of
blood. Not only that you will notice effective reduction in muscle and
tendon aches after using this therapeutic tape. This cotton tape mesh
is comfortable for wearing for days and it doesn’t even cause irritation
to the skin. You can always rely on this tape as it doesn’t lose in
adhesiveness due to moisture, water or sweat. This tape is also resistant
to heat and humidity, allowing you to wear it for around three to five
days without having to change it. This kinesiology tape provides the
necessary support for all kinds of athletic sports and eases your pains.
You will surely get amazed by the outstanding results of this
therapeutic tape when you start using it!

Spartan Tape Kinesiology Tape Perfect Support for Athletic Sports

Proving you perfect support for all kinds of athletic sports and aiding
you in speeding up your recovery, this Spartan tape is one-in-all
solution for your athletic routine. It eases your pains and helps you heal
injuries by its special formula that makes increased kinesio blood
circulation possible. Moreover, this tape is extremely heavy duty and
is reliable for wearing while you play any kind of sport. It doesn’t come
off easily and provides necessary support for your body. You won’t
feel any pain while you have this Spartan tape on. It will not only
reduce inflammation of your wounds but will also promote quick

You can stretch and flex your body the way you like when
you have this extremely reliable Spartan tape on. It is long lasting for
daily use and gives that gentle support therapy that will help you heal
faster. It provides support to your aching muscles and helps them get
back in their normal shape. Moreover, this tape flexes with your
muscles and accelerates your performance in sports performance.
One of the best features of this tape is that it doesn’t get damaged
by coming in contact with water. You can even take a dip and swim
in water with this tape on. It doesn’t come off during workouts and
gym sessions that promote heavy sweating. This tape has been
specially designed to be friendly to skin as it is hypoallergenic and
latex free. Perfectly tailored for athletes, this tape will surely prove to
be long lasting!