3M Transpore Clear 1-Inch Wide First Aid Tape, 10-Yard Roll (2 Rolls)

If you are in hunt of a heavy duty medical duct tape that will hold the dressings and bandages tightly onto your wounds, then this clear and wide first aid tape by Transpore is going to be a blessing for you! Being easy to use and coming with a bidirectional tear, this first aid tape can even hold thick gauze pads on your wounds without letting them come off for days. This first aid tape has an excellent grip and can be even used for a large variety of purposes.

The Transpore first aid tape is going to stay on your skin no matter what the external conditions are. It is water resistant and has a great adhesion to skin. This first aid tape has been in excessive use by clinicians and doctors who have to secure and tape different dressings and devices daily. The best feature about this first aid tape is that it is friendly to skin and is hypoallergenic. This high quality first aid tape will surely save you the trouble
if you accidently get injured during hiking. This versatile tape can be even used for securing other accessories, wooden and metallic parts together. This multi-purpose tape is surely worth a buy!

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