ARTIT Washi Tape Set 16 Extra Long (33 Foot) Decorative Rolls Craft Duct Masking Tapes Scrapbooking DIY Gift-Wrapping

If you are looking for vibrant colored and attractive washi tapes, then this set of 16 diverse washi tapes by ARTIT is going to be absolutely loved by you! Perfect to be used in arts and crafts, this super adhesive washi tape comes in eye-popping colors and glitter patterns that are perfect for designing cards or making scrapbook borders. These washi tapes can be used by kids for many purposes like making their daily planner or journal more colorful. You can even use this washi tape for decorating gift boxes or packing gift boxes in an artistic manner.

The best feature of this washi tape set is that this Artitâ„¢ classic multi jumbo pack is not too small. It is huge and can be used for a long time. Moreover, this set of washi tapes comes in a ready-made box that can be used as an organizer as well. Moreover, this washi tape provides you variety in the form of diverse artistic designs. These washi tapes are multi colored and come in different patterns. Whether you love strips or adore the metallic touch, these washi tapes come in all kinds of colors and designs. You will surely get amazed by the outstanding patterns and designs of this washi tape set!

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