Craft Multi Colored Masking Tape [11 Pack Variety Set – Assorted Color Coded Rolls]

Designed especially for all age groups, these fun and vibrant colored masking tapes are surely going to make your arts and crafts better. These assorted pack of coded rolls are going to assist you in your fun and creative DIY projects. Whether you are working on quilting or origami, these masking tape are great for your crafts and are going to add color to anything you are planning to make. The fact that these
masking tapes come in even neon colors is going to make you absolutely love this masking tape set!

If you are working on a hula hoop project then this rainbow colored masking tape set is going to be perfect for your use. You can also use these attractive tapes for labelling your kitchen items, for packing gifts or for your office use. The best thing about this tape is that it leaves no residue. This super adhesive masking tape comes in eye-popping colors and therefore, can be used by kids for many purposes like decorating gift boxes for a birthday party. You can surely use this tape to form different artistic designs. These masking tapes are multi colored and come in all kinds of colors. Don’t miss out on buying these!

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