Crime Scene Do Not Cross Barricade Tape 3 X 100 • Bright Yellow with a bold Black Print for High Visibility

If you are looking for a striking yellow and visible crime scene barricade tape then this crime scene do not cross tape is going to serve the purpose well. Being tear resistant and weather resistant, this barricade tape is going to make the hazardous or crime area visible to everyone even at a great distance. This barricade tape is going to give you the best value for money. The Tapix™ Crime Scene Do Not Cross Barricade tape is made out of high quality polyethylene which is going to withstand heat and tough wind conditions. Moreover, this crime scene barricade tape also plays a pivotal role in highlighting the safety measures for the citizens and passers-bys.

If some inoperative machinery is present on a roadside or construction site that can cause an accident, this tape can be used for labelling such equipment. Another feature that makes this barricade tape useful is that it doesn’t lose its adhesiveness due to rain. You can use this tape on construction sites and road works without worrying. You can totally rely on this tape while labelling the potentially dangerous areas. Moreover, it doesn’t get torn easily. It is also easy to use and unrolls quickly. You can put this barricade tape easily on posts and trees without any hassle. This Tapix™ barricade tape speaks of its high quality through its phenomenal performance and service

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